Saturday, May 24, 2008

AF is here...

Well the title says it all. AF showed up last night 4 days late. Oh well...guess I'll have to go see the RE now. I was hoping to get PG this month so I wouldn't have to visit him.

The DH and I were going to go camping last night, but since AF showed up, we decided to wait. Hopefully we can go camping next weekend. We'll see!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Can we say "OUCH"?!?!?!?

Well, I'm several days past the day AF was supposed to come visit. I'm not getting my hopes up yet. I've gone 15 days past before and nothing. The good news is I had my HSG several weeks ago. The doc said everything looks good. Did anyone else have as much pain as I did? Those "cervix pinchers" were awful!!! While I'm laying there in excrutiating pain, I heard my doc and the radiologist both say "Man, they're long!" I'm just wondering what's long??? So my doc finished up and says to me "everything looks great, but you have long fallopian tubes!" Anybody else have long tubes?? The technician scared my DH to death. She came to get him from the waiting room so the doc could talk to both of us, but he said she didn't look too happy! Anyway, everything is normal (except for my long tubes!!!). I ask the doc if that would prevent us from getting pg. He said "no". So who knows. We got pregnant once before so hopefully it will happen again really soon! Just finished my Infertility/Miscarriage counseling at church last week. I'm so glad we did that. I was so depressed my DH was extremely worried. I didn't want to go anywhere or do anything. I barely wanted to get off the couch. If anyone is interested in the bible study on infertility/miscarriage (also abortion). You can find information here:

These are sweet people. I personally know the founder. In fact, she's my counselor. She's been through it all, so she can really help you! Needless to say, my thought process has completely changed, I'm no longer depressed and I can hold my new nephew without feeling anger or resentment. He's awesome by the way! His name is Zach and he'll be 5 weeks old tomorrow! He's such a cutie! Anyway, I guess I should really get back to work. My husband wants to take me camping tonight(yes, in a tent)! We'll see how that goes. Last time it was a blast!

Blessings, all!