Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Not PG!

AF showed up on Sunday morning...23 days late! I guess all those pregnancy tests weren't wrong. I'm excited that we now get to try IUI. I'm hoping and praying for multiples! Now just to find the time to do it! I don't have much time or battery life left on the laptop...no plug ins in the woods! Camp is going great so far. Hope all is well with all of you!


Friday, July 11, 2008

I decided to wait...

I took 2 more pregnancy tests...both were negative. I'm hoping that maybe my hormones are just a little sluggish. One of my friends told me that with her first child, hpt's didn't start saying she was pg until she was 30 days late. Who knows? Either way, I don't guess anything's hurting with me not starting. We're leaving for camp in the morning and won't return until Friday. I couldn't have started an IUI cycle anyway this time. So I guess I'm just gonna wait it out a little while longer and see what happens. I'm 21 days late today. I'm just gonna pray that maybe, just maybe, there's something brewing in there! Who knows? God could be testing me (yet again) to see how patient I'll be. Pray for many souls at camp this week. There will be over 200 students (middle and high) at our camp. Blessings!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Could I Be?

So AF is 18 days late. I've taken 2 pregnancy tests one last week and one the week before. Both BFN. My DH and I were waiting to start our first round of IUIs. Should I just wait it out or should I go see the dr.? I need your opinions ladies. Have any of you been this late and not been pregnant? I'm sure that happens but I've never been this late before. I've been 15 days late before but that was 1.5-2 years ago (a few months after the miscarriage). For the past 1-1.5 years my period has been on time or from anywhere to 1-5 days late. AF last started on May 23rd. Believe me my hopes are not up. I just want to know why my body is not cooperating. If I am PG, that would be wonderful, but if not, we can start the IUI process. I need feedback!