Monday, April 7, 2008

Lunch with a PG friend

Well I had lunch with K today. It went very well. I was afraid that I might break down and cry but she's not that far along and not showing yet. We had a great time! We even agreed to get together over the summer (once school is out). It had probably been since August since we had seen each other and our schools are only about 3.5 miles apart! How sad! Anyway, my spirits seem to be up a little bit today. I guess only working half a day can do that to a person! I'm cooking a very romantic dinner for my DH tonight. He needs a night of relaxation.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

It's Been A While...

OK so I realize it's been a while since I blogged last...lots of things have happened. I have a new nephew who is almost here (less than a month now til the birth). Several more friends are having babies--I just found out about another one today. I'm still not pregnant. I am going to have an HSG on April 29th to make sure everything is open. If that is normal, Dr. K wants to send me to an RE. Not sure how I feel about that. We tried Letrozole (Femara) for 4 months. I was late 2 days the first 2 months, 5 days the 3rd month, and 3 days the 4th month. But still no pregnancy.

My husband and I started counseling a few weeks ago. This has been too much to deal with. There is a couple in my church who have a ministry to deal with Infertility, Abortion, stillbirth, miscarriage, etc. So we started meeting with them. It seems to be helping until I find out that someone else is pregnant. I know that God has a plan. His plan is perfect for me and my husband. ( Just like the way we were in a wedding together at age 4 as the miniature bride and groom at the same church we got married in?!?!?!?!) So I know God has the master plan, I just want to know if it EVER involves us getting pregnant. But we don't know and we can't know.

Another thing, is that today was my due date from my twins miscarriage. They would be 1 year old now. It's so sad. I'm supposed to have lunch with my friend tomorrow who just told me that she's expecting. She said she would love for us to be pregnant together. I would love that. But who knows. It may not be in God's master plan. Sometimes I wish I had control of the plan, but I know I would just mess everything up!