Sunday, March 1, 2009

Only 4 classes to go...

Wow have we been busy! We only have 4 adoption classes left. We've been to the first 6 already. They have been very informative (some of it is too much info!!!). Some topics you just wouldn't think of. Every Tuesday night for 10 weeks straight we meet from 6-9:00 PM. It is 30 hours work of MAPP training. We will also be getting our fostering license, although I don't know if we will foster. We would just like to adopt. The ladies in charge say that it's much easier to adopt once you've fostered, especially if the child you're fostering becomes available for adoption. However, having said that, my DH and I would like to adopt a baby. A lot of times babies come with older siblings. I asked my DH how many he would like to adopt this 1st time and he said "I was thinking one." So....I was thinking 1 or 2. Especially if the older sibling isn't more than 3 years old. Who knows what God has planned for us. I'm still praying for a miracle in the baby making department if you know what I mean. We aren't preventing anything (not that there's anything to prevent- we've been off the pill since May of 2006), but we're not really trying either. Just having fun...trying not to think about whether what we're doing at any particular moment could create a small miracle in my womb. Wink wink:)

Did I mention I love my DH? He is the most amazing and incredible man I know. Our relationship has only grown stronger and we've grown MUCH closer since we've gone through all of this CRAP! Not that I'm happy about the miscarriage or the infertility, but I can honestly say that I will never regret the growth in our marriage. He is such an incredible husband!